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My Own Transformation


Currently I live on a mountain top where I hear the silence each day!

I commune with the trees, the hawks and the animals.

I am an Empath & an Intuitive. 

My past... I worked in the corporate world where I learned how to run businesses.

After too much stress & not enough self care, I took a giant step & left it all behind.

Today I am a Transformational Coach. I graduated from Coach For Life in San Diego.

I have studied the Tao in Thailand with the world renowned Master Mantak Chia. Taoism could be understood as a system of belief, attitudes and a set of practices set towards the service and living to a persons' nature. The way to understanding Taoism is to simply accept oneself. Live life and discover who you are. Your nature is ever changing and is always the same.

I learned Tantra with Charles Muir, originator and pioneer of the modern Tantra movement in the United States.

As a student of Sacred Sexuality- I've learned both esoteric and exotic practices of sexual love, which can transform sex into a profound, loving meditation overflowing with energy, passion and intimacy.

I am a certified Yoga teacher, RYT 200 for both children and adults.

As a  Light Ambassador for the Ajna Light, I offer sessions that can

facilitate deep personal transformations and enhance your spiritual journey.

I have studied Metaphysics, Kabbalah, and Buddhism. I currently am a Youth Director with CSLTV, teaching and studying Science of Mind philosophies of Ernest Holmes.

As past owner & creator of the Lighthouse Preschool, "where children shine", I've had the joy of

teaching children about love, nature & what really matters in life.

I am a graduate of Landmark Forum; a transformative methodology for producing 

breakthroughs and unlimiting possibilities in ones life.

I love to meet people & connect with their hearts. Supporting, guiding, & coaching is what I do best!

 I can hear what you say, as well as what you don't. Matters of the heart is my specialty.

Let's get real together and start creating what you want.

Consider the possibilities; Peace, Connection, Joy, Self Love...

Whatever it is, say YES and allow me to guide you on your own transformational path. 

"Whatever you hold in your mind on a constant basis is exactly what you will experience in life." Tony Robbins

About Me: About Me
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