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More About Ajna

founded by Guy Harriman


Guy Harriman- Founder of Ajna Light

The Ajna Light has the power to bring you into incredible deep transformative states by nothing more than just applying white light on your forehead (pineal gland). It not only assists you entering these meditative state without years of meditative practice but also reconnects you with DMT and ancient shamanic wisdom to heal yourself.


Group Ajna Light Therapy

In this trance state, it was found that different flickering patterns bring our four brainwave patterns (Alpha, Beta, Delta & Theta) in a meditative state. The Ajna uses high powered state of the art LED modules with special flickering sequences. Through these various flickering frequencies the pineal gland (third eye) is opened, which enables practitioners to tap into different states of awareness. The results are both relaxation and meditation, as well as accessing inner wisdom.

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Private Ajna Light Sessions

When you have your first light session, you will be asked to lie down or be seated in front of the Light in a safe, sacred space and to relax with your eyes closed. You may be asked to set an intention, have no expectations and be open to whatever arises.
Within a few seconds you start to hear music (binural beats) on the headphones. At the same time, through your closed eyelids, you will start your journey. Within a few minutes you will enter a deep meditative state. From then, it's very individual as to where your journey will lead. However, what all sessions have in common is a deep relaxing and restorative nature.


The Use Of Our Brainwaves

The Ajna light uses certain flicker frequencies which correspond to certain brainwave patters. The specialty of the light is that it is capable to stimulate and entertain these wave patterns in the brain. This effect is called the hypnogogic effect, and occurs naturally as you are just between being awake and asleep. The brainwave frequencies are:

Delta- Dreamless sleep- deepest and most physically restorative portion of sleep.

Theta- Drowsy, drifting into sleep and dreams, REM sleep, increased creativity.

Alpha- Super learning, very relaxed, focus, light trance, pre-sleep.

Beta-Concentration, alertness, arousal. Beta brainwaves mainly occur when we are awake and doing a task that involves active thinking.

Gamma- Hyper brain activity, great for learning. Gamma waves are very high frequency. They are associated with the formation of ideas, language and memory processing. It has been observed that Buddhist monks who started practice the loving kindness meditation almost immediately at will produced Gamma brainwaves.

Lambda- Mystical and out of body experiences. Lamda are very high frequency, mystical and out of body experiences.

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